“Vody can take your original concept and transform your vision.  Not only does her easy and warm personality make for a delightful experience, but also her artistic gift has warmed our home.”    

 M.P., Middleton, Wisconsin


In two and a half hours,  Vody uniquely expressed our family’s personality on our kitchen walls.  It has become the conversation piece of our home.” 

D.M., Flower Mound, Texas


“Vody ‘expanded’ our guest bathroom to twice its size; it’s amazing what she can do with paint.”

  L.P., Scottsdale, Arizona 


“Thanks to Vody’s painted window in my living room, I now “live” on the Cape of St. Luke!  I can almost hear the waves lapping on the shore.” 

S.W., Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


“Linda and I are very pleased with the murals you painted for us.  The one adds a much-needed window to the guest bathroom and even conforms to the viewing angle one has when entering the room: a very nice touch.  The second mural along the stairway is like a garden inside our house.  Almost want to water those plants!  Do you do sky writing?” 

R & L, Douglas, Alaska

OMIGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did she love it?  Did she ever!!!!  They called me while I was driving to a meeting.  All I could hear was screaming!  I didn't even know to which child I was speaking.  When I got home at 8:30, as soon as I walked in the door, she called downstairs on the phone (intercom) and told me to "COME UPSTAIRS!!! COME UPSTAIRS!!!!!"     Vody, she was so excited.  She told her dad she was going to look at it forever.  At this rate, they may not come downstairs!!   The mural is just awesome!!!!  Her sister took pictures of her expression and of the mural.  They can't wait to see what happens in the next room.    I'm afraid to say "you have outdone yourself" because I know there is more to come.  You are fabulous!

R.J.D., Keller, TX

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