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  Land, Sky, Sea Scapes

Painting landscapes (or cityscapes, or skyscapes, or seascapes) is a very effective way to create a dramatic setting for any room, whether it be in a home or in a commercial establishment.  Whether the mural is for a full wall or a smaller segment of the wall, as, perhaps, seen through a pretend window, it commands attention.  I come from the old school of purists that paints with real brushes--- no airbrushes or gimmicks.  Before I begin, the ideas are well thought out in my head so errors are few and far between, if there are any at all.  That makes for speedy work because mistakes take time to correct and I can avoid unnecessary frustration.  There is a lot of room for artistic license through color, style, and technique when painting 'scapes'.  Painting this type of mural is a lot of fun and is as rewarding as seeing the completed work.  My portfolio has, by far, more murals in this category than any other; it has been a very popular choice.

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