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Fool the Eye

Painting with the intent to ‘surprise’ the viewer with an unexpected image is always a delight. When a room is ordinary, one needs to do the extraordinary. A common method to accomplish this is to create windows, doorways, arches, niches, pathways, etc. with paint instead of brick and mortar or drywall. The French call this style ‘trompe l’oeil (tromp loi) or ‘fool the eye’. The trick is to make these images appear so real that one is tempted to walk through the ‘door way’ or to reach for the ‘flower’ sitting on a ‘windowsill’. Shadows are very important; without shadows the image would appear ornamental or decorative…very 2-dimensional. This is a very popular choice among my patrons since it allows for much whimsy. There have been many sweet chuckles and animated conversation during the planning of these murals. They always prove to be a delight to behold. First reactions are priceless. The entire flavor of the room comes alive.
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