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Children’s Rooms

 When it comes to children's rooms, the little kid in each of us comes out. It is a joy to light up the faces of little ones with whimsical fantasy environments. Colors are usually more eye-popping, figures and images can be exaggerated without question and the subject can cover a range of topics. Copyright infringement is not allowed in my business; there is no copying of Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh, etc.   However, there is no need for this because the imagination carries ideas further than any previously created picture or character.  One thing about which I caution  each patron is to choose a subject that will hold the child's interest as he/she grows in and out of various stages. Sports has been the all-time best seller for boys; girls' preferences for sweet images of landscapes, swings, forests, ribbons, open skies above their beds, and jazzy adolescent designs, etc., last a long time.   Whatever the case, murals are an investment that require some thought about longevity. Seeing  youngsters' eyes light up when they see their new bedroom is priceless.

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